Blending the Truth – Manners cost nothing

Hubby is on night shift. Kids in bed. I’ve been wasting my time reading crap on the Internet whilst the tv is on in the background as company.

Tonight I found an interesting article on the 12 words we need to teach our young children to make our lives as a parent  easier. Amongst them were the following; up, down, no, ready, uh-oh. You get the idea.

As helpful as these words are, I have to say that this list to me was missing the one thing that children need more than anything. Simple manners.

I’m not old, but I am old-fashioned. This list of words may make life easier as a parent but surely the bigger picture is being missed? We’re parenting to make our children decent human beings. I believe it starts with good manners. To me it’s more important to teach please and thank you. To say pardon or excuse me when they burp, cough, sneeze or fart (hopefully not at the same time, though it would be impressive!). To cover their mouth when they cough and to close their mouth when they eat.

Regularly I have to remind Middle and Little that no one wants to see food swirling around their mouths like clothes in a tumble dryer! I’m forever hopeful that one day it will eventually sink in.

The point is, these are the foundations that will make them much nicer to be around as young adults and that may in turn make life much easier for us as parents in the future.


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